I Think, Therefore I Write

“You say we’re too young, but maybe you’re too old to remember.”

Cliche origins aside, this quote has always struck a cord in me.  A strong, thrumming cord that has hummed its way through my life since I first heard it on the radio sometime in middle school.  I’d bet that most people have been told “you’re too young” or “you’ll understand when you’re older.”  If you’re under the age of about 25, I’m sure you hear it quite often from those much older and wiser than you.  And to some extent, it’s true.  No, I don’t understand motherhood with all its wonders and worries.  No, I don’t know the joy of a wedding day, the heartache of losing a loved one, the horror of war.  Life hasn’t brought me that far yet.

But that doesn’t mean I’m ignorant.  I do know the horrors of genocide; history and the world has taught me that.  I know the anger of being lied to – by the government, by society, by friends and lovers.  I know the joy of true love and the devastation of heartbreak.  I know the burning passion for knowledge that smolders within us all.  I know the wonder of seeing your first shooting star.  And I know the power of words.  I am a student of Shakespeare, and I learned his lesson well: no matter what age, gender, or race, words are your power.

All of this sounds a bit presumptuous, I know.  I’m just another young writer with a point to prove.  But if my 4 years of college taught me anything, it’s that you never give up writing until there is nothing left to write, and when that day comes, it will be a sad day indeed.  This blog, then, is my outlet, the chronicle of my path to knowledge.  Everyday holds a lesson, and whether small or large, it adds to the understanding your elders say will come with time.  There’s no thunderous epiphany that dawns in you when you reach the magical age of “older;” wisdom builds and builds, one thought at a time.  These are my thoughts, and I hope they will inspire and enlighten others as they have me.

“Make it happen,” Cleopatra signed on her scrolls.  Make your thoughts change the world.


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