God Doesn’t Like Me. How About You?

Apocalypse Not – Harold Camping Wrong Again About the Rapture

Did God ask for a rain check? Or are we all too depraved to be saved? Or is the entire idea of the rapture completely ridiculous and unfounded? I’m not going to argue religious beliefs, but I will argue the validity of the Bible. It is a stunning work of fiction, but that’s all it is: fiction. Written by human hands, littered with impossible claims such as 600-year-old men and men who are swallowed by whales, and revised more times than Shakespeare’s works, the Bible is the last book that should be labeled the word of God. A collection of parables and prophesies, yes. But to take the Bible’s every word literally is just foolish. It is the general themes of the Bible that are important, the lessons it teaches, not the specific details of the stories. And to think that you can calculate the exact date of the Rapture is ridiculous. Books have been added and removed so many times; there could be a clue hidden in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, but you would never know about it, because she was a woman and her words were not important enough to keep.

Leave the figuring to God. If you believe in him, you should trust that the time will come when he wills it, and to prepare for it would take the sincerity out of your confession on Judgment Day. If you don’t believe in him, then if the Rapture ever does come, you’re damned anyway, so you might as well enjoy life while you can. And read the Bible. Faith may or may not be part of your life, but it really is a beautiful piece of literature.


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