Happy Bedford Day!

Today will probably go by as usual for most people, unmarked and unremembered.  But for scientists and science-fiction fans, today is known as “Bedford Day,” the anniversary of the day in 1967 when James Bedford became the first man to be successfully frozen in cryonic suspension.


This real life Han Solo story is a huge stepping stone in science; the hope for reanimation after death is an amazing scientific, spiritual, and medical breakthrough.  While Bedford hasn’t yet been reanimated and there is still the large chance it will prove impossible, we have taken a large step toward humanity’s ultimate quest: immortality.  Bionic organs, age-reducing herbs and medicines, and cryonic suspension are just a few of the attempts science has made at achieving everlasting life, or at least the longevity of such historic figures as Noah, whom the Bible claims lived to be 950-years-old.  One Chinese man supposedly lived to be 256 through a life of spiritual and physical balance – and by drinking wolfberry, or goji berry, tea.  (http://www.immortalhumans.com/what-a-256-year-old-man-proves-about-longevity/)

Biologically speaking, immortality is in fact possible.  A species of jellyfish, Turritopsis Nutricula, uses a process called transdifferentiation to transform its cell and therefore cycle through life an infinite number of times.  Once it reaches sexual maturity, it mutates back to its adolescent, or polyp, stage, and begins life anew (http://www.immortalhumans.com/biological-immortality-%E2%80%93-it-does-exist-on-earth/).  Behold the extraordinary powers of Mother Nature.  I mean, who wouldn’t want the chance to live their life over again?  And again?  And again?  And again…


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