The Rainbow Warrior

Mark your calendars, boys and girls: February 7th, Greenpeace opens its famous marine law-breaker-chaser Rainbow Warrior for public tours.  (For more info, check out

What?  You’ve never heard of the famous Rainbow Warrior?  It’s only the coolest hunk of metal to ever sail the seven seas.  And the newest model, Rainbow Warrior III, which set out on its maiden voyage in October 2011, is chock full of world-saving gadgets, super hi-tech spy equipment feared by dolphin poachers the world over, and machinery so environmentally friendly it might as well be an actual rainbow.  This ship is so fabulous, environment-haters bombed it in 1985.  Then Hollywood made a movie about it (which is ridiculously hard to find, let me tell you – even Netflix hasn’t caught on to the fabulousness of the RW).  But neither bombs nor Netflix-neglect can stop Greenpeace; they’re stubborn tree-huggers, and they want to flout their weapons of mass salvation in the face of all who dare threaten Mother Earth and her children.

The Rainbow Warrior III

Now, while organizations like Greenpeace and PETA are often looked down on as “fanatical” and their methods criticized as “over-the-top” or even “insane,” I think the RW is a pretty cool piece of technology.  Sure, it will be sent out on some pretty crazy missions, but a ship this scientifically equipped that recycles its own waste water and runs on wind and small amounts of electricity is a step in the right direction.  Now if only we could make all boats like this…


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