Welcome to the Matrix, Folks

I can honestly say I’ve never had a single sentence make me as angry, as disappointed, as disgusted as this:

“I think it is time we stopped using the term ‘animal’ when referring to the precursor of the meat that ends up on our plates.”
(“Holy Crap It’s the Matrix For Chickens”)

This came from an article on i09 about the new factory farming technique heavily reminiscent of The Matrix.  Chickens are strung up in vertical “leaves” to reduce space and lobotomized in order to “make the doomed birds’ existences as easy as possible.”  In other words, they are turned into essentially brain-dead husks of meat attached to feeding and waste tubes to feed humanity’s insatiable appetite for cheap food.  This is wrong on so many levels, I can’t even begin to count them.  First of all, if you have any compassion for life, this should enrage and sicken you.  I have nothing against eating animals, but is it really necessary to cage and mutilate them first, then lobotomize them to save them from the tortures we inflicted on them in the first place?  I know it’s been a long time since I ate meat, but I can’t imagine animals – and yes they are animals! – would taste very good after a life of death.  Can’t you taste the depravity?

No, you can’t, and that’s because nothing of that taste is real.  What do you think they pump through those feeding tubes?  The blender version of a gourmet meal?  Factory farmed animals are fed almost solely on GMO crops, namely corn, which is not part of most farm animals’ diets and therefore is reeks havoc on their digestive tracts.  Mixed with all those yummy GMOs are growth hormones, antibiotics, and lots of other tasty treats that ensure the animals get as big as possible as soon as possible.  So yes, Mr. Andre Ford, you are partially correct in stating that what ends up on our plate is not an animal.  It’s a mix of chemical and meat genetically engineered to be as cheap as possible.  Bon appetit.

Andre Ford's "Centre for Unconscious Farming"


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