Mother Nature Loves Her Daughters

I know I was just here, but I have to share this with whoever, if anyone, is here with me.  Especially if you’re a woman.  Rejoice!  Mother Nature is helping us bear the beautiful, heavy chains of womanhood.  They wrap around us in sensuous curves, giving us beauty and power, but also force upon us the duty of life, and the choice to protect it.  But those of us who make the choice to enjoy life without creating it have to live with the effects of synthetic birth control pills that eat away at our very womanhood.  Birth control pills cause breast and reproductive cancers, and can even lead to reproductive problems in the children we do chose to bear.  But now, we have an alternative:

Neem, the Miracle Plant!

Say hello to neem.  The fruits and seeds of this tree make an oil to stop the fruits of our wombs.  It’s a spermicide, and can be taken internally to prevent pregnancy.  It has been proven to be almost 100% effective in animal tests (not that I approve of animal testing).  Could this be our miracle oil with which we anoint ourselves and our power to choose when we share our bodies?  I will most definitely be doing more research into this.

Testimonials of Neem Working as Birth Control


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