10 Reasons The Rest Of The World Thinks The U.S. Is Nuts

In order to avoid deepening my disappointment in this government, I’ve been avoiding any piece of news about the current War on Women.  But after a friend shared this article, I couldn’t ignore it anymore.  I sincerely hope the government’s new chauvinist reign of terror frightens you as much as it does me, whether you are a man or woman, whether you are feminist or not, pro-life or pro-choice.  Let’s put all those issues aside and face the awful, basic truth: the government wants to control every aspect of your person, from the food you eat to the people you marry and the children you bring into this world.

Say you’re a young, twenty-something couple who are still finding their way in the world.  Maybe one is just out of college, struggling to pay student loans and still looking for a job.  No savings, no insurance, no big white house with the picket fence.  Maybe a dog, who won’t mind going on moving adventures every year or so.  And an unexpected bun in the oven.

Or a mother who almost died in childbirth once and is facing the same danger again. She doesn’t want to leave the children she already has without a mother.  And he does not want to lose his wife.

Or a young college girl who is date raped and is stuck with the consequences.

According to Big Brother, we don’t have a choice.  Forget planning your life, the government will now do that for you.  You just have to sit back and shut up.

Oh, and women, you no longer own your organs.  Big Brother will handle those for you, also.

I’m not for abortion on a moral level.  I’m a vegetarian – it would make me a hypocrite to get an abortion but not eat animals.  Though I do understand the complexity of the “personhood” issue, and I admit there are times when abortions are necessary for financial or medical reasons.  My beliefs are personal, and I would never judge another woman by them.  Because her womb is part of her body, the most sacred part, and the source of all women’s power.  No man, no government, has any right to place laws on it.


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