Celebrate, Fellow Marylanders!!

Today, Maryland became the first state in the US to ban arsenic in chicken processing.  Simply fabulous.  I love it when the government has to correct its own mistakes; the FDA approved the most common arsenic drug, Roxarsone, in 1944, and it’s taken them this long to admit yet another failure to protect the citizens of the US.

Arsenic was given to chickens to help kill intestinal parasites, but it was found to make them gain weight faster and make their meat more pink so it became a common food additive in chicken feeds.  And as we all know, what the chickens eat, we eat (and so do the rivers and the earth, through their waste) so this arsenic ban is a huge victory for bodies worldwide – human, animal, plant, and planetary.  There are still a lot of scary ingredients in chicken feed, including caffeine, OTC drugs such as Benadryl, banned antibiotics, and even the active ingredient in Prozac.  But even small victories count.

NY Times: Arsenic in Our Chicken?
F&WW: Poison-Free Poultry in Maryland


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