Sharing is Caring is Daring to Think Inside the Flower Box

We learn one of the most valuable lessons of our lives in preschool: how to share.  Sharing is great!  I mean, who really wants to just throw away all those outdated appliances and old movies?  And who doesn’t love sharing green ideas, gardening tips, and recycling projects?  Here are some of my favorite websites to find (free!) recycled items and ideas, from furniture to clothing to household recycling projects.

This is a fabulous resource for people lucky enough to have a Freecycle program in their area.  People post things that they want taken away, and you take them away.  Easy as pie.  You do have to go get them most of the time, but sometimes there are some pretty cool things listed.  Here are some things on the Salisbury listing right now: an outdoor firepit, porch swing, king size bed, boxes of books (which I’m probably taking!), ceiling fans.  I love this program!

Green Towns
This is a pretty cool website.  You look up your town and it will tell you all the farmer’s markets, organic farms, and local organizations who work toward the green cause.  You can also post ideas and advice in the forums.

Farm Plate
This is another resource to help you eat local – you can search for farmer’s markets, specialty store, and restaurants that use local food.  (Just a note: If you’re interested in eating local, always ask the chef what they have in stock from local farms.  Just because they have local farms listed on their menu does not guarantee that they currently have anything from them.  And be sure to ask the chef, not your busy server who will make up an answer to placate you.  I’ve had a server tell me the lamb my boyfriend ordered was from my farm when they never bought lamb from us.)


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