Rape: A Word, an Act, a Law Defined By Men

In college, I was your typical liberal political junkie.  I read every news article, watched every debate, was a member of the College Democrats, volunteered for the MD Democratic gubernatorial candidate.  Now, I can’t stand hearing about politics.  Campaigns are nothing but months of mud-slinging and false promises, and both parties are defined by what the other is not rather than the ideals their constituents support.  But with the presidential election fast approaching, it’s impossible to avoid hearing bits and pieces of the coverage.  And while some of the “oopsies” are quite funny, many are not.  Like Republican Senator Todd Akin’s mindblowingly idiotic comment about rape.  In case you’re more successful than me at avoiding political news, this Republican claimed that women cannot get pregnant from rape because our bodies reject unwanted sperm.  I can’t decide which is worse, that he actually believes this, or that the Republicans will propagate such outrageous lies in their fight against women and their right to choose.

I’m not going to go into a rant about women’s rights and the government’s (aka man’s) governance of the most private parts of a woman’s body.  We’d be here forever.  But a friend of mine shared this article, and I think this speaks very clearly about men’s role in subjugating women and their most sacred of places: the womb.  Truth be told, I believe this all stems from fear.  We hold the power of life inside our bodies, a power men can never understand nor ever hope to possess.  They are jealous, and they are afraid.  Our bodies will always reign supreme over them, no matter how they try to repress us with violence or rule.

Check out Mother Jones’ article on the history of rape as defined by men.  Some of these laws are pretty sickening, all the more so because of how recently they’ve been in practice.  It this is a topic that speaks to you as much as it does me, read this short article on Jezebel about the thin line between rape and love, and about how one woman painfully learned the difference.


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