O Christmas Tree, How Quickly Will You Perish

Nothing upsets me more about the Christmas season than taking a New Years walk along streets lined with Christmas trash.  America has become the Single Serving nation, even down to the living things we bring into our lives.  Every year thousands of people cut down living, breathing trees that have grown through the years just the same as they have simply to truss them up with lights and watch them die.  Though this is the season to celebrate family and new life, hardly any thought is given to the lives taken in the name of simple decoration.  What began as a celebration of hope in the darkness of winter has turned into the largest consume-and-cast-out day of the year.  Merry Single Serving Christmas, Mother Earth.

This year, why not buy a living tree instead of cutting down a life that took years to grow?  Many tree farms offer the option to buy a tree with its roots still attached and wrapped in burlap, giving you the option to replant it after the holiday season.  There is more work involved in maintaining a living tree, but Mother Earth News has a great article on how to care for and replant your living tree.  It’s definitely worth it – and you won’t have the mess of needles falling to the floor as your tree slowly dies.  So celebrate the Christmas season the way it was meant to be: with greenery, life, and love.

PickYourOwnChristmasTree.org has listings of Christmas tree farms for all states, including ones that sell living trees.  Check it out!


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