Fear Leads to Anger, Anger Leads to Hate, Hate Leads to Suffering

Two things have become quite obvious to me in the past few weeks: 1) There is a lot of fear in the air and 2) America’s VIPs have never seen Star Wars.

No one who has heard Yoda’s words of wisdom concerning the dark side could ever view fear the same.  Yet Monsanto, DuPont, Dow, and Bayer are all behaving like tyrants who fear the coming loss of power.  The amount of conflict these companies and their supporters have caused lately is astounding – and really aggravating for those who believe in the wholesome, healing power of organic foods.

It started with the advertising for Prop 37 on the November California ballot and the millions of dollars Big Ag raised in its fight against it.  Then in September, the Annals of Internal Medicine published a review claiming that organic foods are no more nutritious than conventional, a common sense claim made to cover up the fact that conventional foods are often loaded with toxic pesticide residue or genetically modified.  Shortly after the review came out, the Food and Chemical Toxicology Journal published the most extensive study done on GMOs, which is shocking enough considering GMOs have been in our food supply for several years now – with FDA approval.  Even more shocking were the results of the study, which showed hideous tumors, infertility, and death in rodents fed Monsanto’s new GM sweet corn.  Big Ag responded by defeating Prop 37 in November, though some contend that their victory was the result of deception and ballot fraud.  As if to rub their victory in the face of the organic industry, Big Ag hired popular health guru Dr. Oz to denounce organic and fresh foods as “elitist” and “non-democratic” while promoting canned, frozen, and conventional foods.

At the time Dr. Oz’ article was being published in TIME, conveniently distracting the holistic health community with his blatant insults, the FDA secretly increased the amount of radiation allowed in meat processing, raising the levels by as much as 50% in some cases (you can read the new rules here).  Instead of addressing the horrid, unsanitary conditions of CAFOs, which is the actual cause of meat contamination, Big Ag’s lobbyists convinced the FDA to allow more radiation in the processing, despite numerous warnings of the dangers of radiated foods by the Center for Food Safety and other groups. The FDA has also (and also secretly) approved the production of GM salmon, without any health or environmental testing.  These frankenfish could become the first GM animal product approved for human consumption, and with Big Ag’s chummy relationship with the US government, it’s all too likely.  Scary, eh?  Not as scary as when government officials openly support Monsanto’s toxic GMO seeds.  Two significant bills under consideration in Congress have very dangerous amendments attached, “riders” that could spell disaster for both small organic farmers and the unsuspecting public.  The 2013 Agricultural Appropriations Bill has a rider named the “Farmers Assurance Provision” (more aptly nicknamed the “Monsanto Protection Act”) which would give Monsanto and other Big Ag companies a shocking level of immunity against federal law.  If it passes, the MPA would allow biotech companies to continue planting GM seeds by requiring the Secretary of Agriculture to approve GM crops even when a federal court has ordered a production halt until safety testing is complete.  The 2012 Farm Bill has several riders attached that would basically destroy the regulation process for GMO crops, speeding up the review process and giving the USDA the option to bypass the review completely.  Between these two bills, Big Ag has the potential to deliver a serious blow to the organic food industry, and to the public’s health.  (The Organic Consumers Association has an option to email your congressmen and ask them to oppose these riders, so act now!)

Immoral as this seems, it should not be surprising, considering the government also promotes infant vaccines and annual flu shots, despite numerous studies linking vaccines to autism, heavy metal-related illnesses, and death.  A new study published in the journal of Human and Experimental Toxicology found correlations between the number of vaccines an infant receives and its chance at being hospitalized because of the vaccines.  Yet any parent (or pet owner) knows how relentless doctors are in pushing vaccines.

Despite such horrendous and dangerous policies, the American public continues to live quietly and contentedly, allowing the government to control every part of their lives because they’ve been told that protesting is “unpatriotic.”  I witness this blind obedience every time I visit my parents, who refuse to support their only daughter by reading my work because my ideas are too “ridiculous.”  Even when dozens of other countries are banning or have banned GMOs, the majority of the population continues to trust in the government, and the government takes full advantage of that trust to further its own agenda – and those of the companies who financially support it.

While I had hoped to this post on a good note, citing the growing number of websites and organizations fighting to protect the holistic lifestyle, the recent shooting in Connecticut makes that impossible.  While it was indeed a horrible, tragic event, I fear that all that’s going to come of it is the loss of more American rights.  Obama is already working to take away our rights to holistic healthcare by forcing us to join the corrupt healthcare system, Big Ag is fighting to control our food supply, and now the government is going to use the heartbreak causes by children’s deaths to take away our right to defend ourselves.  Like the FDA’s choice to raise radiation levels in meat processing, passing stricter gun control laws will only bypass the true source of the problem.  Rather than reducing freedom for all citizens, limitations should be put on who can purchase a gun, perhaps through psychological evaluations, background checks, etc.  Instead, Big Brother will snatch up this chance to tighten the reigns of power.  Because, in the end, anyone with power is always afraid to lose it.  And we all know where fear leads us.


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