New Year’s Resolution: Freedom

imagesHappy New Year, folks!  2012 was the year of doomsday prophecies, but we survived them all, including the Rapture (twice) and the Mayan End of Times.  Rock on, homo sapiens.

However, 2013 does bring some serious threats.  One of the greatest worldwide threats is the United Nation’s Agenda 21, a plan for supposed “sustainable development” throughout the world.  In reality, Agenda 21 is the beginning of a complete totalitarian takeover.  The plan calls for governments to seize control over all resources, destroying the right to private property, in order to control the environmental, agricultural, urban, and commercial development of their nations.  Agenda 21 is founded on the assumption that the common people are not intelligent enough to be a part of a safe and profitable development plan, and therefore their property rights should be discarded in the name of “the common good.”

This all sounds more like a sci-fi horror movie than real life, doesn’t it?  We don’t live in the world of Orwell’s 1984, after all.  We live in a nation founded on personal liberties, where our national motto is “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  So Agenda 21 can’t ever darken our golden shores… right?

Wrong.  Take for example SB 236.  Just a jumble of letters and numbers.  But this bill, part of Plan Maryland, will strip all Marylanders of their property rights if passed.  SB 236 is a development plan based on septic systems, and it places all properties into a tier system based on their septic system.  The tiers are:

PrintTier 1:   Areas served by existing municipal water and sewer systems
Tier 2:   Areas around municipalities where future water and sewer service is planned
Tier 3:   Rural land where large subdivisions may be allowed on septic systems under limited circumstances
Tier 4:   Rural land where no development will be permitted or greatly curtailed


Once your property is placed into a tier, it is nearly impossible to move to a different tier.  Therefore any land placed in Tier 4 is basically valueless, for it cannot be developed.  This tier was implemented in order to “protect Maryland’s farmland,” but truthfully it is nothing more than an expansion of government assets.  Any land in Tier 4 will severely decrease in value, eventually leading to foreclosures which the government can then scoop up.

For example, on the farm where I work, the property extends to one of the busier roads in town, but the fields that border that road are the pasture fields, and the store is behind them, hidden by a line of trees.  In order to attract more business, my boss wants to build a new store closer to the main road, but if SB 236 passes and his property is labeled as Tier 4, he won’t be able to do that because it would mean putting in a new septic system.  Even though he owns those fields, SB 236 would take away his right to develop them as he chooses.  And this isn’t just happening in Maryland; each state, including yours, is implementing its own Agenda 21 plan, under different names.  Where are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness now?

It seems to me that the obvious answer to the sustainable development question would be to set guiding laws in place directing property owners onto the proper path.  But Agenda 21 isn’t really about sustainable development.  It’s about power, absolute power.  It’s the scariest political plan of our lifetime, scarier even than Obamacare.  We need to fight this, to ask our representatives to fight this.  Stop Agenda 21 Maryland has several petitions you can sign if you live in Maryland, plus a wealth of information on the subject.

The end of the Mayan calendar ushered in a new era, hopefully an ear in which peace and freedom rule rather than corruption.

For more information on Agenda 21, check out these resources:
-Maryland Department of Planning – Detailed maps and information on SB 236
-Democrats Against Agenda 21 – Not just for democrats, this website has a lot of information on Agenda 21 and links to books on the subject.


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