Recycled Findings – Fun, Fabulous, and Eco-Friendly!

When I have to buy something (anything besides food and personal care products, that is) I always try to find a recycled option first.  Because shopping + lending mother earth a hand = a double dose of warm feelings.  I’ve even trained my fiance to start shopping recycled!  (Though I suspect he only does it to make me happy… which is fine too.)  Just in case any of you actually read my little blog enough to be brainwashed by my constant rantings, I though I’d share some of the resources I’ve found.

15237_medsUncommon Goods – I got part of my fiance’s Christmas present on this website: a belt made of recycled bike inner tubes, which was perfect not only because it was recycled, but because I bike rather than drive, and I have definitely contributed my share of blown inner tubes.  They have a wide range of products, from clothing to home decor to kitchen utensils.  We (meaning I) have added a lot of their items to our wedding registry.  My favorite part about this website is that when you make a purchase, they make a donation to one of three charities, your choice.

UntitledFair Indigo – They carry pretty cool clothing and accessories, though some of it is a bit pricey.  Really fun stuff though!  Their categories include Fair Trade, Eco-Friendly, Vegan, Organic, Recycled, and Made in the USA.  They have something for everyone, and they’re definitely worth supporting.


thumb_CMX1023At West End – When I finally become a rich and famous journalist, my house will be decorated with more than a few items from this website.  Their recycled home decor collection is beautiful, and the only downside is that it’s slightly out of my current price range.  Though do have some small accessories that are unique yet affordable, comparable to the things you’d find at Urban Outfitters.

il_224xN.412070473_n4rpEtsy – If you’ve never been on Etsy, you’re definitely missing out!  You can find everything from jewelry to clothing to home decor here, and all of their listings are handmade, recycled, or vintage.  The vintage section is definitely worth checking out.


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