Dead People Juice Does Not Make You Pretty

KC on Letterman -

KC on Letterman –

While I very rarely follow the celebrity gossip columns, one story made it into the E Magazine newsletter this month.  Some of you more in touch with Hollywood may have heard of Kristin Chenoweth’s eyelash accident back in March 2012.  She had a severe allergic reaction to the formaldehyde in the glue used to attach fake eyelashes and ended up with eye infections, which then drained into her throat and led to a throat infection.  Eewwww, right?  But why do we care what sludge actresses use on their faces?

Well, I care because KC is talented, tiny, and adorable.  And because she’s the good witch… duh.  Actually, I just wanted to use this as an opportunity to talk about the new skin care line I discovered.  It’s an anti-aging line called Bija Body, founded by Melissa Picoli, and while it is just a tad on the expensive side, it’s one of the best skin care lines I’ve seen so far.  Her Principles page has a list of, well, principles that guide her company, including: no GMOs, no “useless, toxic ingredients,” ethical sourcing, and only the best processing methods to preserve potency.  Check out her website and read about her products, it’s definitely worth it!  And formaldehyde-free!

While we’re on the topic of dead people juice (as KC calls it), I also want to share my favorite nail polish brand, seeing as how nail polish is chock full of toxic juices.



Suncoat has a whole line of makeup products, and their water-based nail polish rocks my socks – and it comes in lots of fun colors.  And while I don’t usually wear makeup, when I do I use mineral-based options like Ecco Bella, who has great foundations, or Larenim, who has more colors of eye shadow than I do eyelashes.  Scale of Dragon, Flirts & Giggles, Witches Brew…  WARNING: This brand may give your inner tween the power to take over.



Almost a year after her tragic incident, green magazines are still talking about KC’s eyelashes, using her as an example of why you should avoid toxic additives in your skin care products.  But strangely, she’s not.  You would think that after such an intense reaction to dead people juice in your makeup, one would start buying clean, natural products.  But KC hasn’t (to my knowledge) said a word in favor of clean cosmetics.  And she damn sure wasn’t wearing Ecco Bella at the Oscars last weekend.  She may be the good witch, but I think I choose the green witch instead.


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